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Posted by at 10 September , 2010

Up until now AlwaysOnPC has had the usage mode of our apps be a very traditional, PC-centric “remote mouse” style of navigation as the default, and also using a double-click (double-tap) to launch apps from the desktop icons (like Office, Firefox, the ‘userhome’ folder/file system etc.)

I hope with this post I can illustrate a couple features that may smooth out the user interface for some of our users out there, clear up some points of confusion, and announce some coming changes that should help new customers come up to speed more quickly with AlwaysOnPC.

We’ve been hearing loud and clear feedback from users wanting the iPad/iPhone like “Touchscreen” input mode because they are not familiar with the “mouse navigation” mode which is the default in most VNC applications.

As many of you know, we do have Touchscreen mode already!

There are a couple glitches, however we’re working to fix:

  1. You can’t touch “under” the control bar when it is in Transparent mode. This bug prevents you from closing a windows by tapping the “X” in the upper right corner if it is up underneath the Control Bar area
  2. We have some bugs with the touchscreen mode getting misaligned by a few millimeters. This can happen if you activate and de-activate the transparent mode on the control bar.

Note that we also already have options for single-click action, but most users don’t know this.

We are planning to make the following changes in the near future:

  1. All NEW customers will get “Single-click” mode by default (See how you can change it for your account below)
  2. We are putting the Touchscreen Mode option directly on the Control Bar (so just one tap to turn it On/Off)
  3. Activating Touchscreen mode will automatically put the Control Bar in non-transparent mode

In the mean time, here is a brief video review of how to set and use Turning Touchscreen Mode On/Off and desktop icons to Single-click:

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