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Posted by at 12 October , 2010

The latest iPad and iPhone software has been approved and is live in the store for updates and new customers. Here are the main updates:

  1. We are putting the Touchscreen Mode option directly on the Control Bar (so just one tap to turn it On/Off)
  2. Activating Touchscreen mode will automatically put the Control Bar in non-transparent mode. (This will avoid confusion since you can’t ‘tap’ things under the transparent control bar)
  3. Fixed a bug with Touch alignment so it is more precise now
  4. Added support for external keyboards. To use, connect/pair your keyboard, open AlwaysOnPC and login, and tap the virtual keyboard icon once to activate- then you should be good to go!

Known issues: There are a couple glitches with the new External Keyboard support:

  1. The arrow keys don’t work
  2. We have some bugs with the virtual keyboard freezing/crashing when selected

We’re working top priority to fix these asap!

Along with this release we’ve made some changes such that all new accounts will now have the following setup:

  1. “Single-click” mode by default
  2. Touchscreen mode is ON by default

We’ve also updated our Tutorial video – see this for a quick overview of all the changes:

Existing customers: Check this blog post for instructions and video how to set “Single-Click” mode: Thanks for all your feedback – keep it coming!

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