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Posted by at 24 November , 2010

Microsoft Office Live is an online version of their office suite. It ordinarily does not run on iPad or iPhone Safari. But of course with AlwaysOnPC, it runs great!

Below is a brief video showing a demonstration of how you can edit Powerpoint Word & Excel files using Microsoft Office Live on iPad using AlwaysOnPC with Firefox.

Note this also works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android versions of our app.

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Posted by at 17 November , 2010

AlwaysOnPC moved its operations to a new hosting facility recently. There were a few hiccups along the way – sorry everyone – but now everything is running smoothly and much faster. There was some downtime during the move, and then some periods of spotty performance for a day or so while we got everything running again. If you experienced reeeeeaallllly long login times, we found and resolved those issues.

Again, thanks for your patience!

– Dave

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Posted by at 3 November , 2010

The AlwaysOnPC team visited the Sprint Developer’s Conference October 25-27 and got a chance to try out AlwaysOnPC on some new devices – like the Samsung Epic – on 4G. Wow, the 4G network was not only lightyears faster than 3G, the latency is unbelievably low – and overall it way, way outperformed the local WiFi network (admittedly overloaded by all the nerdy attendees — like us ;-0)
Anyway, I tried to capture what I could on the new video camera –

Coincidentally I was using a Samsung handheld recording to Flash. So now you can get all the benefits of AlwaysOnPC like Open Office, Firefox with Flash, tabbed browsing toolbars, addons etc. as well as Dropbox and a host of other apps on your Samsung Epic.

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