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Posted by at 22 June , 2011

We were lucky enough to find one of the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in stock at BestBuy, and picked it up so we could make this video. First reaction: Wow! This is definitely a contender for the iPad2. Its lighter and thinner, and I like the aspect ratio. In this video we demo AlwaysOnPC running on this Samsung Galaxy 10.1, showing: Chrome browser, Chrome store, Evony, Runescape, Open Office (also accessing our Dropbox folder) to edit Excel and Powerpoint. We’ve got some optimization to do, but AlwaysOnPC works pretty well as is!

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Posted by at 21 June , 2011

Here’s the press release we recently distributed announcing our product launch in the Verizon VCast Apps store. This is our first subscription product. It offers our AlwaysOnPC for Android product with a free 3 day trial, and a $2.99/month subscription, with an annual option of $24.99 (about 2 bucks a month). The other big advantage is that it allows Verizon customers to pay directly via their wireless bill, which is a big plus for businesses. Its now in Verizon’s hands to get Vcast deployed to all their Android phones, get it front and center on the home screen, improve the Vcast search/browse performance (and of course we’re hoping they put us in the ‘Featured’ section… ;-) We have a sneak peek coming soon of the new Samsung Tab 10.1, which will be a great platform for us when Verizon starts distributing it…

Here’s the text of the release, and a snap I took of our app in the store. :

Santa Barbara, CA – Xform Computing, Inc. announces its AlwaysOnPC mobile App for Android is available in the Verizon VCAST Apps store as a mobile subscription offering.

AlwaysOnPC is a mobile app that gives users access to a complete, personal, virtual PC from their Android device. Key features include: use of Chrome or Firefox browsers with toolbars, themes, add-ons, synchronized bookmarks and tabs, and access the Chrome Web Store; A full mobile Open Office suite for editing Word Excel and Powerpoint documents; Dropbox integration; Full-featured image editing and drawing software; Copy/paste between any app; 2Gb of storage.

Java is at the heart of many interactive websites including games and business/ productivity sites, but still does not function on Android devices. AlwaysOnPC lets users run Chrome with ‘in-browser’ Java from Android devices so they can access thousands of sites like Runescape, Evony, Facebook games, PartyPoker, QuickBooks Online, Google Sites, and many more. The system does not yet support audio or full-rate video, but these features are expected to be released soon.

By combining Verizon’s VCAST subscription features with its scalable platform and apps, Xform Computing delivers on the promise and power of cloud computing through a pay-as-you-go plan on a mobile device. All connections are encrypted and Xform’s virtualization technology ensures no content is ever loaded or cached on the device, making it an attractive solution for businesses to enable employees to safely access corporate apps and data from personal or company-owned devices.

With a free trial available and priced at $2.99/month, AlwaysOnPC performs especially well on Verizon’s 4G-LTE network due to it’s industry-leading low latency, and runs on most Android phones such as Droid2, DroidX, HTC Thunderbolt, as well as tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom. Another big benefit for customers is that the charges go directly on their Verizon mobile bill.

About Xform Computing, Inc.:

Xform Computing’s “Mobile-cloud” architecture can deliver the vast power of cloud computing apps to mobile devices. Learn more at, search VCAST for “AlwaysOnPC”, or follow these direct links for other stores: iPhone app and iPad app app in iTunes; Android Market app.

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Posted by at 15 June , 2011

There are a lot of great online poker sites, and as you know most of the require that you download software which is not supported on the iPad or Android devices and so there is no way to play online poker from your mobile device.

Some poker sites now offer inbrowser software as many people are also reluctant to download software to their computer, however inbrowser software often requires Java which is again not supported on the iPad or Android devices and so even with this added convenience one is still not able to play online poker from their mobile devices,…until now.

With AlwaysOnPC you have access to your own virtual pc in the cloud that does support browsing to Flash and Java based websites and will work with Now you can enjoy the convenience of playing online poker from your mobile device anytime you want.

Click here to learn more about AlwaysOnPC

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