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Posted by at 26 January , 2012

The BNSF emulator is a remote access tool for employees of BNSF, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. The emulator requires java to run which can be frustrating for mobile users since both iOS and Android don’t support Java. However with our app, because you’re browsing from your AlwaysOnPC virtual computer hosted on our cloud, you can browse to Flash and Java based websites.

There does seem to be several ways to browse to the emulator and not all of them seem work from our app. The one that a lot of people use is either or with mixed results, but the link that seems to work for most people is,enhanced,default,,&WCP_USER=&action=switch.html, which takes you directly to the emulator.

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Posted by at 25 January , 2012

(Editor note: This is a recent press release on our Amazon Kindle Fire app, and Amazon Android Apps store launch of AlwaysOnPC)

Santa Barbara, CA – Xform Computing, Inc. announces its AlwaysOnPC mobile app for Android is available in the Amazon Apps Store, with editions for Kindle Fire and other Android Tablets.

Xform Computing’s AlwaysOnPC App has raised the bar for Cloud-powered mobile apps, and is well aligned with Amazon’s Cloud Computing strategy. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet already includes the Silk ‘cloud-assisted’ Web Browser, and it offers cloud storage of movies, music and books purchased on Amazon. Now with the launch of the AlwaysOnPC App, Kindle Fire and other Android tablet users get access to a unique ‘personal cloud desktop’ with powerful, desktop computer-class applications and file storage.

The AlwaysOnPC Virtual Desktop offers the productivity apps and features such as editing office docs, Powerpoint presentations or spreadsheets; Viewing and editing PDFs – including annotations and forms; retouching photos and images; creating and editing graphics and drawings; Browsing/using productivity or game websites that require PC-class browser technology like Java, and more. This Personal Cloud Desktop enables many mobile users to leave their laptop behind and still do real work – right on their Kindle Fire or other Android tablet or phone!

AlwaysOnPC features include:
Chrome and Firefox browsers with Extensions like Evernote Web Clipper, toolbars, themes, add-ons, synchronized bookmarks, tabs, and passwords (optional)
Support for ‘desktop-class’ web browser technology such as Java-applets, needed for sites like Zoho, BNSF emulator, Runescape, QuickBooks Online, PartyPoker, and others that don’t run on most mobile web browsers.
A full mobile Open Office suite for editing Word Excel and Powerpoint documents –with copy/paste between any app, and one-click conversion to PDF
Dropbox integration
2Gb of cloud storage
Full access to the personal cloud desktop from any PC or Mac, where you can upload personal data such as documents, photos or files to your AlwaysOnPC virtual desktop.
All connections are encrypted for maximum security.

Users can even host a Web Conference and share their screen (and show presentations or documents to participants) using the Zoho Meeting feature from their AlwaysOnPC virtual Desktop. These powerful features are available today: in the Amazon Apps store:

AlwaysOnPC Kindle Fire Edition (

AlwaysOnPC for Android tablets in Amazon Apps (
(e.g. for Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive and other Android devices):

About Xform Computing, Inc.:
Xform Computing’s “Personal Cloud Desktop” architecture can deliver the power of cloud computing apps directly to end users on mobile devices. It provides a ‘single target’ for developers to deliver HTML5, Flash, Java, Silverlight, Linux, and other applications to iOS and Android smart devices and tablets. Learn more at

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