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Posted by at 11 May , 2012

With AlwaysOnPC you have the power of personal computer in the palm of your hands. With our app on your Barnes & Noble Nook Android Tablet or Color you have access to your own AlwaysOnPC virtual computer, from which you can launch Firefox and Chrome and browse to all your favorite websites. Even websites the require Java such as Runescape, and Imagine playing your favorite online games anywhere that you have a wifi signal on your Barnes & Noble Nook.

But that’s not all with AlwaysOnPC you can turn your Barnes & Noble Nook into a powerful productivity tool. With our app you can visit the Google Chrome webstore and download applications and extensions. Extensions such as the Evernote Web Clipper which lets you clip and save web content to your Evernote account. Content such as images, text, web searches and even whole pages. You can also use Quickbooks online.

And if your company has an employee webportal such as the United Airline Unimatic website or the BNSF emulator, both of which require Java to work, you can now easily access those sites anywhere you have a wifi signal, from your Barnes & Noble Nook with AlwaysOnPC.

Easily open, edit, save and share documents such as word, excel and powerpoint using Open Office with your AlwaysOnPC virtual computer. You can even save files as an Adobe PDF and send them as email attachments all from your Barnes & Noble Nook with AlwaysOnPC. And because AlwaysOnPC also includes DropBox you can easily share files between your other computers at work or home.

Imagine being able to create and edit documents on the go, even edit images using GIMP, which lets you edit and transform images similar to Adobe Photoshop all from your Barnes & Noble Nook, now you can with AlwaysOnPC.

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