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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ — AlwaysOnPC announces version 1.0 of their Virtual PC app for iPad and Android. With more than 40 pre-installed programs including a mobile office suite and Firefox, AlwaysOnPC puts the power of a desktop computer inside any iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad or Android phone.

AlwaysOnPC delivers a combination of productivity tools and capabilities that frees users from their desktops. Using Open Office, users can edit, copy and paste between apps, and save most common file types including Word (.doc and .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), and Powerpoint (.ppt, .pptx) and more.

The lack of Flash has been a highly visible debate for Apple and a disappointment for users, until now. AlwaysOnPC delivers an iPad and iPhone Flash Player with Firefox so users can finally browse the whole Web on their device. Although it does not yet support audio or full motion video (these improvements are coming soon) customers still enjoy access to their favorite sites like Facebook games, Google Analytics, and more from their phones.

Hosted in the “Internet Cloud,” AlwaysOnPC offers an encrypted SSH connection to/from all devices. For users this means both rock-solid security as well as high performance for many common tasks. For example users can open large files, such as PDF files, PowerPoint decks or Excel Spreadsheets of 100Mb or more from an uploaded file, email attachment or an online storage folder such as Dropbox up to ten times faster than competing mobile solutions.

Best of all, the features that people are familiar with on their computer can now be accessed in a similar way on AlwaysOnPC via their mobile phone or tablet, for example:


  • Copy and paste text & graphics between apps like Office, Firefox, email, & photos
  • Add browser toolbars like Google or Yahoo!
  • Click to open email attachments directly into the office or imaging apps
  • Multi-task: run multiple Office apps, email, IM and browser tabs and windows at once
  • Install Firefox Addons (a customer favorite is xMarks, which syncs passwords and bookmarks between the desktop PC and AlwaysOnPC, letting you browse without typing from your phone!)
  • Dropbox folder included– just login! (Other online storage services can be accessed via Firefox)
  • Image editing and Vector-graphic drawing programs
  • Games like Chess, Blackjack, Majongg, Sudoku & more
  • 2 GB of online storage

About AlwaysOnPC

AlwaysOnPC’s “Client-cloud” architecture can deliver apps with the vast power of cloud computing to any device that can run its lightweight, VNC-like client software including PC, Mac, iPhone / iPod Touch and now from iPad and Android smartphones. By leveraging a large, fast-growing development community, AlwaysOnPC is rapidly expanding its list of applications, and extending device support into a variety of Internet-connected consumer devices.

Device Requirements:

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch OS 3.2 or later; size: 1.2Mb

Android OS 2.1; size: 373Kb

Pricing and Availability:

AlwaysOnPC is available today in the iTunes Appstore as two applications (one for iPad, one for iPhone/iPod-touch), and in the Android Marketplace in the Productivity category for a special introductory price of $9.99.

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