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Posted by at 5 April , 2011

Great news, we’ve added Google’s Chrome browser and support for Java to our AlwaysOnPC product for iPad, iPhone and Android. AlwaysOnPC Chrome Quicken Quickbooks Online Java productivity mobile ipad iphone android "flash player" app

Chrome has already rocketed up in popularity on PC and Mac computers due to its speedy performance, great synchronization features and its Web Store with thousands of apps, but is not available on most mobile devices. Now with the upcoming release of AlwaysOnPC users can run Chrome and Java on iPad, iPhone or Android with all the fully synchronized bookmarks, tabs, and themes they are used to on their computer, and run almost any app or game in the Chrome Web Store.

Although Java is at the heart of many rich-content and highly-interactive websites including multi-player role games, online poker, business/productivity sites, and thousands of custom corporate applications, it has not been usable on mobile devices. With our latest release, AlwaysOnPC lets customers access sites like Runescape, PartyPoker, Evony, Zipforms from Android, iPad or iPhone and more.

With AlwaysOnPC you can also run Firefox with Flash on iPad and iPhone. Although support for audio and full motion video will be coming in a future release, customers can enjoy mobile access to their favorite interactive sites like Facebook games, Club Penguin, Google Sites, Analytics and millions more using AlwaysOnPC while on the go. You can also install your favorite Firefox add-ons, themes/skins and toolbars.

Chrome and Java are just the latest additions to the list of over 40 apps that are supported on Xform Computing’s high-performance cloud computing-based system, accessible to customers from mobile devices using our AlwaysOnPC app. This powerful hosted system includes a personalizable desktop, and tons more apps like a mobile Open Office suite for editing Word, Excel and Powerpoint, full-featured image editing and drawing software, Dropbox, and more. It also comes with 2Gb of storage, and free software for Mac and PC to up/download files.

For example users can open large files such as PDFs, PowerPoint decks or Excel Spreadsheets of 100Mb or more from an email attachment or an online storage folder such as Dropbox up to ten times faster than competing mobile solutions.

Best of all, the features that people are familiar with on their computer can now be accessed in a similar way on AlwaysOnPC via their mobile phone or tablet, for example:

* Copy and paste text & graphics between apps like Office, Firefox, email, & photos
* Add browser toolbars like Google or Yahoo!
* Click to open email attachments directly into the office or imaging apps
* Multi-task: run multiple Office apps, email, IM and browser tabs and windows at once
* Play Flash Games on iPad or iPhone.
* Install Firefox Addons like xMarks, Adblock Plus
* Dropbox folder included – just log in!
* Image editing and graphic drawing programs

The Chrome and Java features are currently in beta testing with existing customers with general availability expected by April 10.

AlwaysOnPC is available through iTunes for iPad/iPod Touch and iPad and through the Android Market for Android devices.

Or click here: for *iPhone/iPod Touch*, *iPad*, or *Android*

Office, Flash & JAVA w/Chrome browser, PDF Reader on a Virtual PC – AlwaysOnPC iPhone Edition – Xform Computing

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