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Posted by at 11 March , 2013

Are you ready to move beyond the limitations of Safari? Are your ready to start browsing to Flash and Java based websites from your iPad? Then you’re ready for the power of Virtual Browser for Firefox App.

Imagine being able to visit all your favorite Flash and Java based websites. Sites such as, which has over a hundred online games to choose. Or being able to play Evony on iPad or iPhone on your iPad on the go, anywhere that you have a wi-fi signal. Imagine being able to play all of your favorite Facebook Games such as Farmville, Cityville, Chefville and Zynga Poker directly from your Facebook account, while being able to update your status and us Facebook chat, all from your iPad.

But that’s not all, if your company has an employee web portal such as the BNSF emulator or the United Airlines Unimatic website, both of which require java, now you can access them directly from your iPad with Virtual Firefox.

And because Virtual Browser for Firefox is a complete Firefox browser you can customize it with all of your favorite Firefox Add-Ons. Add-Ons such as Ad-Block Plus which blocks online ads from appearing. You can also install Add-Ons such as the Evernote Web-clipper, which lets you clip and save images, text, even whole web pages or searches into your Evernote Account.

And with Virtual Browser for Firefox you can access financial services websites such as Scottrade which lets you manage your investments and conduct online trading. With Virtual Firefox you can even use their Streaming Quote feature from your iPad.

With Virtual Browser for Firefox you can also create emailable cards at fun sites such as

All of these features and more are available with Virtual Browser for Firefox. Virtual Browser for Firefox is available through iTunes or for more information visit us at

Here are just a few examples of things you can do on your iPad or iPhone with Virtual Browser for Firefox App:

Adblock for iPad,

Adblock plus on iPad,

Adobe Acrobat on iPad,

Adobe Formscentral on iPad,

Adobe Reader for iPad,

Aleks on iPad,

American Greetings ecards on iPad,

American Greetings Flash ecards on iPad,

Animal Jam on iPad,

Animated ecards on iPad,

Animoto on iPad,

annotate PDF on iPad,

Aviary on iPad,

Blackboard on iPad,

Blackboard Collaborate on iPad,

Blue Mountain on iPad,

Blue Mountain ecards on iPad,

Bridgebase on iPad,

carnegie online on iPad,

edit PDF forms on iPad,

edit Prezi on iPad,

edit Sliderocket on iPad,

Etrade Pro on iPad,

Europoker on iPad,

Evernote clipper on iPad,

Evernote web clipper for iPad,

Evony on iPad,

Farmville on iPad,

Firefox for iPad,

Firefox Browser for iPad,

Firefox sync for iPad,

free Lastpass for iPad,

full screen browser for iPad,

Gametableonline on iPad,

Hallmark Flash cards on iPad,

Jacqui Lawson on iPad,

java for iPad,

java runtime for iPad,

Jibjab for iPad,

Kaplan on iPad,

Lastpass for iPad,

Lucidchart on iPad,

Netdania netstation on iPad,

Okbridge on iPad,

PDF annotations on iPad,

Pet rescue saga on iPad,

Pogo on iPad,

Pokerstars on iPad,

Prezi editor for iPad,

Rattlebox on iPad,

Runescape for iPad,

Scottrade on iPad,

Sliderocket editor on iPad,

Spring it web clipper for iPad,

SpringIt clipper for iPad,

Springpad Clipper for iPad,

TDAmeritrade on iPad,

United Unimatic for iPad,

Xmarks on iPad,

Yahoo toolbar for iPad,

Yoono for iPad,

Youtube editor on iPad,

Youtube video editing on iPad,

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