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Posted by at 28 August , 2015

Weekend Reading

Instagram’s Square Photo Tyranny Has Been Abolished

Good news photographers, Instagram’s UI now supports landscape- and portrait-oriented images—and video!—making it easier and less cumbersome to compose that perfect shot.

Top 10 mistakes Node.js Developers Make

Node.js has seen an important growth in the past years, with big companies such as Walmart or PayPal adopting it. More and more people are picking up Node and publishing modules to NPM at such a pace that exceeds other languages.

Uber hires the Jeep Cherokee hackers

The hack of a Jeep Cherokee was the most significant car hacking story to break recently. Now the guys responsible will work for Uber.

Uber snatched up Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, the hackers who exposed a serious security vulnerability in Fiat Chrysler (FCA) vehicles, which resulted in the first ever recall for potential car hacking, on Friday, reports Reuters.

And finally a bit of humor…

As developers we can also have a bit of fun too. Popular blogging platform Medium got into the spirit with a clever App Store update.

About Xform Computing

Xform delivers the power of cloud-hosted desktops and applications to iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets. Xform has Cloud clusters deployed in the US and Europe. With over 1.5 million virtual desktops created and streamed to customer’s PC’s and mobile devices, Xform’s apps include VirtualBrowser for Firefox, VirtualBrowser for Chrome, Private Anonymous Browser and AlwaysOnPC. The apps are sold in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, and other marketplaces.

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