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Posted by at 27 July , 2010

At long last, our new iPad app has been approved and is available for purchase in the iTunes Appstore. We have been receiving many requests for an iPad version of our app from customers who have the iPhone/iPod Touch version of our app. (When using the iPhone app on an iPad, of course you don’t benefit from the iPad’s large, hi-res screen.)

Here’s the link to the app in iTunes:

AlwaysOnPC for iPad

AlwaysOnPC for iPad

Please let us know if you have feedback. Here’s a brief list of feedback and known issues.

- Need better awareness of settings – especially “touchscreen on/off”. Settings are the middle button on the control bar. Also, the control bar is in “semi-transparent” mode by default, so it can be hard to see depending on what is open in the background on your screen.

- Keyboard button was hard to find – its the leftmost button on the control bar at the top of the screen.

- Tap “i” on the control bar for help

- Touchscreen mode (found in settings): By default, this app has Touchscreen off, which means you are navigating the arrow like a mouse would, by touch and drag. This was noticed most when trying to scroll. Although you can scroll (a web page for example) using the two-finger swipe, it may seem reversed compared to the usual iPhone touchscreen habits (swipe down causes you to scroll down instead of up like on Safari). We’re working on finding a better solution for this that balances intuitiveness relative to the native iPhone commands with the powerful features available when touchscreen is off (which I’ve informally dubbed “mouse mode’), like Right-click (two finger tap), hover (tooltips etc.), and tap-drag moving and window sizing.

In the future we would like to merge the apps into one, but for technical reasons we are stuck with two separate apps for now.

That’s all for now – I’ll post the official press release when it goes out on the wire…

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  1. Peter Wan says:

    Is there any way to allow users to install their own applications into the “Cloud PC”?

  2. admin says:

    Dear Peter, The simple answer is Yes, you can install your own apps, However for security reasons we currently only allow apps that do not use the Internet connection, and also “manual” installation process which requires familiarity with the Linux command line. We hope to automate this before the end of the year.

    What apps would you like installed? We do install new apps as often as we can and can put your request on the list…

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