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Posted by at 11 January , 2013

Ready to move beyond the limitations of Safari and take your iPad to the next level? Ready to start browsing to Flash and Java based websites? Then you’re ready for the power of Virtual Browser for Chrome.

Imagine being able to browse to favorite flash and java based websites from, sites such a Runescape from your iPad anywhere that you have a wifi signal. Imagine being able to enjoy the full functionality of Runescape just as you would with a regular browser only on your iPad.

Play all your favorite Facebook games such as Farmville and Zynga Poker, and not just from an app but directly from your Facebook account, where you can you use Facebook chat, update your status and have all the features you’d normally have, only instead on your iPad.

Imagine being able to play online poker at sites such as Or being able to play online bridge at all at your favorite bridge sites such as OKBridge and

But that’s not all Virtual Browser for Chrome can also turn your iPad into a powerful productivity tool. From the Google Chrome webstore you can download applications and extensions, such as the Evernote Web Clipper, which lets you clip and save images, text, and even whole webpages into your Evernote account. Imagine being able to customize the browser on your iPad any time you want.

And if your company has a java based employee web portal such as the United Airlines Unimatic website you can now access that from your iPad anywhere that you have a wifi signal with Virtual Browser for Chrome.

You can also now use financial services websites such as Scottrade and NetDania. Imagine being able to use all the features available at Scottrade including their streaming quote application directly from your iPad. Or being able log into your NetDania account on the go. Or use Quickbooks online anywhere that you have internet access.

On the lighter side, imagine being able to use site likes Jib Jab or American which let you create custom emailable videos and cards. With Jib Jab you can take any picture that you’ve downloaded using Virtual Chrome and create a custom video or card from their online templates. Or create online cards at American Greetings directly from your iPad with Virtual Chrome.

You can even edit and customize your YouTube videos on the go with Virtual Chrome, whether it’s visual enhancement, editing the sound track or adding captions and call outs.

And if you’re student or teacher and want to use online educational tools such as or Blackboard Collaborate on your iPad, now you can with Virtual Browser for Chrome. Imagine being able to create or access online educational content directly from your iPad. Or being able utilize all of the features of Blackboard Collaborate. .

Here are a few more examples of the websites and features that Virtual Browser for Chrome makes available to you on your iPad or iPhone:


Virtual Chrome is available through iTunes or for more information visit us at

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