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Posted by at 16 April , 2014

We have some great news!  Xform has signed a partnership with Parallels, Inc that includes collaboration and an investment by Parallels in Xform.

Here’s the official press release below:

Xform Computing Receives Investment from Parallels, Inc.,

Accelerates Cloud-based Application Streaming Services for Mobile Devices

Santa Barbara, CA – April 16, 2014 - Xform Computing Inc., pioneer of the AlwaysOnPC Cloud-streaming mobile Apps and services, today announced that the company has received an investment from Parallels, Inc., a global leader in hosting and cloud services enablement and cross platform solutions.

Xform and Parallels are collaborating across their technical, marketing and product teams to accelerate Xform’s AlwaysOnPC platform to address new applications and expand into more global markets and channels.

This collaboration also includes an investment by Parallels that will boost the next phase of Xform’s growth.

With its expertise in virtualization technology and cloud computing, Parallels is an ideal investor for Xform,” said Kroum Antov, CEO of Xform. “Xform is building the next generation of Cloud App Streaming services and has a unique opportunity with Parallels for collaboration, especially in the areas of highly scalable infrastructure, and creating industry-leading user experience.”

The Xform services and apps use patented technology to host and stream an entire desktop experience, or individual applications to mobile and HDTV devices. Examples include Office suite, email, graphics, video, image editing, as well as Chrome or Firefox browsers with Flash, Java and HTML5, all securely accessible from tablets, smartphones and soon HDTVs.

With global smartphone and tablet shipments topping one billion in a single year, there’s an increasing need for applications that improve efficiency and productivity on these devices” added Jack Zubarev, president of cross platform solutions at Parallels. “Parallels is pleased to work with Xform to take advantage of the market opportunity.”


About Xform

Xform delivers the power of cloud-hosted desktops and applications to iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets. Xform has Cloud clusters deployed in the US and Europe, with more to be announced in 2014. With over 1.5 million virtual desktops created and streamed to customer’s PCs and mobile devices, Xform’s apps include Virtual Browser for Firefox, VirtualBrowser for Chrome and AlwaysOnPC. The apps are sold in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, and other marketplaces. Learn more at




David McClintock

Chief Marketing Officer

Xform Computing, Inc.

(805) 364-3239

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Posted by at 11 March , 2013

Are you ready to move beyond the limitations of Safari? Are your ready to start browsing to Flash and Java based websites from your iPad? Then you’re ready for the power of Virtual Browser for Firefox App.

Imagine being able to visit all your favorite Flash and Java based websites. Sites such as, which has over a hundred online games to choose. Or being able to play Evony on iPad or iPhone on your iPad on the go, anywhere that you have a wi-fi signal. Imagine being able to play all of your favorite Facebook Games such as Farmville, Cityville, Chefville and Zynga Poker directly from your Facebook account, while being able to update your status and us Facebook chat, all from your iPad.

But that’s not all, if your company has an employee web portal such as the BNSF emulator or the United Airlines Unimatic website, both of which require java, now you can access them directly from your iPad with Virtual Firefox.

And because Virtual Browser for Firefox is a complete Firefox browser you can customize it with all of your favorite Firefox Add-Ons. Add-Ons such as Ad-Block Plus which blocks online ads from appearing. You can also install Add-Ons such as the Evernote Web-clipper, which lets you clip and save images, text, even whole web pages or searches into your Evernote Account.

And with Virtual Browser for Firefox you can access financial services websites such as Scottrade which lets you manage your investments and conduct online trading. With Virtual Firefox you can even use their Streaming Quote feature from your iPad.

With Virtual Browser for Firefox you can also create emailable cards at fun sites such as

All of these features and more are available with Virtual Browser for Firefox. Virtual Browser for Firefox is available through iTunes or for more information visit us at

Here are just a few examples of things you can do on your iPad or iPhone with Virtual Browser for Firefox App:

Adblock for iPad,

Adblock plus on iPad,

Adobe Acrobat on iPad,

Adobe Formscentral on iPad,

Adobe Reader for iPad,

Aleks on iPad,

American Greetings ecards on iPad,

American Greetings Flash ecards on iPad,

Animal Jam on iPad,

Animated ecards on iPad,

Animoto on iPad,

annotate PDF on iPad,

Aviary on iPad,

Blackboard on iPad,

Blackboard Collaborate on iPad,

Blue Mountain on iPad,

Blue Mountain ecards on iPad,

Bridgebase on iPad,

carnegie online on iPad,

edit PDF forms on iPad,

edit Prezi on iPad,

edit Sliderocket on iPad,

Etrade Pro on iPad,

Europoker on iPad,

Evernote clipper on iPad,

Evernote web clipper for iPad,

Evony on iPad,

Farmville on iPad,

Firefox for iPad,

Firefox Browser for iPad,

Firefox sync for iPad,

free Lastpass for iPad,

full screen browser for iPad,

Gametableonline on iPad,

Hallmark Flash cards on iPad,

Jacqui Lawson on iPad,

java for iPad,

java runtime for iPad,

Jibjab for iPad,

Kaplan on iPad,

Lastpass for iPad,

Posted by at 15 January , 2013

(Here’s the official press release)

Xform Computing Announces VirtualChrome App With Support For Flash, Java, and Extensions on iPad

VIrtualChrome for iPad icon

From Facebook Flash Games To Enterprise Java Apps And Productivity Sites, VirtualChrome’s Cloud-Powered Browsing Delivers Features iPad Users Are Demanding

Santa Barbara, CA – Xform Computing, leader in cloud-powered apps for mobile devices, announces its VirtualChrome iPad app is available in the iTunes App Store.

Using the power of cloud computing, the VirtualChrome app lets users run the real ‘desktop-class’ Chrome browser via a virtual system.

Anyone who has used an iPad knows its limitations,” said Kroum Antov, CEO of Xform Computing, “which include lack of support for Adobe Flash, Java applications, Chrome Extensions, and the Chrome Web Store. VirtualChrome delivers these key capabilities on iPad today.”

Screenshot VirtualChrome for iPad showing Chrome Apps home screen

Flash on iPad is now possible using VirtualChrome App: Users can play Flash games like FarmVille2 or Zynga Poker inside with existing points and status, ClubPenguin, Webkinz, Entanglement, and thousands more. The app also supports Flash productivity sites like Sliderocket presentation editing and Adobe online services such as CreatePDF.

VirtualChrome also supports Java on iPad including Applets, JNLP and JAR files. Java is at the heart of many interactive websites and applications, but does not work natively on iOS. With VirtualChrome users can play Runescape on iPad, PartyPoker, GameTableOnline and more.

Thousands of commercial and enterprise Java applications can be instantly deployed on iPad using VirtualChrome. Examples include: Scottrade Pro and similar Java-based stock trade applications; United Airlines Unimatic scheduling program; Zoho Meeting feature to host a Web Conference screen share on iPad.

Screenshot of Chrome Extensions on iPadChrome Extensions are another capability of VirtualChrome, allowing browser-integrated features like Evernote Web Clipper on iPad, Adblock, or Stylish themes. These Extensions as well as Web Apps can be browsed and installed from the Chrome Web Store.

All connections are encrypted for maximum security.

Learn more at the VirtualChrome website:

Device Requirements:

* iPad, OS 4.2 or higher

* 28.2 MB

* An active 3G or WiFi connection is required to run the app

Pricing and Availability:

Basic and Premium editions of VirtualChrome are available: Basic edition is available at an introductory price of $0.99 for a limited time, and provides anonymous browsing (history, settings, cookies, etc. cleared between sessions), full support for Flash, audio and video streaming, and a limited trial of Java.

VirtualChrome Premium subscription adds 2 hours usage time, Java support, and saving of data (Chrome login sync, history, tabs, bookmarks, passwords etc.) between sessions, available by In-App Purchase at an introductory sale price of $9.99/year subscription, for a limited time.

VirtualChrome download is available in the iTunes App Store (`

Click here to view screen shot gallery

Click here to visit VirtualChromeVideos demo channel

About Xform Computing, Inc.:

Xform Computing’s “Mobile-cloud” architecture can deliver the vast power of cloud computing apps to mobile devices. It provides a ‘single target’ for developers to deliver HTML5, Flash, Java, Silverlight, Linux, and other applications to iOS and Android phones and tablets. Learn more at the Xform Website.


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Posted by at 11 January , 2013

Ready to move beyond the limitations of Safari and take your iPad to the next level? Ready to start browsing to Flash and Java based websites? Then you’re ready for the power of Virtual Browser for Chrome.

Imagine being able to browse to favorite flash and java based websites from, sites such a Runescape from your iPad anywhere that you have a wifi signal. Imagine being able to enjoy the full functionality of Runescape just as you would with a regular browser only on your iPad.

Play all your favorite Facebook games such as Farmville and Zynga Poker, and not just from an app but directly from your Facebook account, where you can you use Facebook chat, update your status and have all the features you’d normally have, only instead on your iPad.

Imagine being able to play online poker at sites such as Or being able to play online bridge at all at your favorite bridge sites such as OKBridge and

But that’s not all Virtual Browser for Chrome can also turn your iPad into a powerful productivity tool. From the Google Chrome webstore you can download applications and extensions, such as the Evernote Web Clipper, which lets you clip and save images, text, and even whole webpages into your Evernote account. Imagine being able to customize the browser on your iPad any time you want.

And if your company has a java based employee web portal such as the United Airlines Unimatic website you can now access that from your iPad anywhere that you have a wifi signal with Virtual Browser for Chrome.

You can also now use financial services websites such as Scottrade and NetDania. Imagine being able to use all the features available at Scottrade including their streaming quote application directly from your iPad. Or being able log into your NetDania account on the go. Or use Quickbooks online anywhere that you have internet access.

On the lighter side, imagine being able to use site likes Jib Jab or American which let you create custom emailable videos and cards. With Jib Jab you can take any picture that you’ve downloaded using Virtual Chrome and create a custom video or card from their online templates. Or create online cards at American Greetings directly from your iPad with Virtual Chrome.

You can even edit and customize your YouTube videos on the go with Virtual Chrome, whether it’s visual enhancement, editing the sound track or adding captions and call outs.

And if you’re student or teacher and want to use online educational tools such as or Blackboard Collaborate on your iPad, now you can with Virtual Browser for Chrome. Imagine being able to create or access online educational content directly from your iPad. Or being able utilize all of the features of Blackboard Collaborate. .

Here are a few more examples of the websites and features that Virtual Browser for Chrome makes available to you on your iPad or iPhone:


Virtual Chrome is available through iTunes or for more information visit us at

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Posted by at 15 November , 2012

Take your Android tablet or phone to the next level with AlwaysOnPC. With our app you have the power of personal computer in the palm of your hands. From your AlwaysOnPC virtual computer you can launch Firefox or Chrome and even browse to websites that require Flash and Java. Websites such as Runescape, Evony,, Faceback and

And with AlwaysOnPC you can turn your Android tablet or phone into a powerful productivity tool. Through the Google Chrome webstore you install apps and extensions such as the Evernote webclipper. With Evernote you can clip and save images, text, and even whole webpages from your online searches. With AlwaysOnPC you can also access online services such as Quickbooks Online which requires Flash to run. Or if your company has an employee web portal such as the BNSF emulator or United Airline Unimatic website, both of which require Java, you can now access those sites from your Android device with AlwaysOnPC.

AlwaysOnPC also includes Open Office, which lets you open, edit, save and share documents on the go such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Imagine being able to edit and create documents on the go, anywhere that you have a wifi signal from your Android device.

And AlwaysOnPC also includes GIMP so you can edit and save images similar to Photoshop, as well as Adobe Reader which allows you to save any file you create as a PDF. And because AlwaysOnPC comes with Dropbox already installed you can easily share files between your home computer, office computer and AlwaysOnPC virtual computer.

To purchase our app for Android you can find us in Google Play or visit us at

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Posted by at 25 January , 2012

(Editor note: This is a recent press release on our Amazon Kindle Fire app, and Amazon Android Apps store launch of AlwaysOnPC)

Santa Barbara, CA – Xform Computing, Inc. announces its AlwaysOnPC mobile app for Android is available in the Amazon Apps Store, with editions for Kindle Fire and other Android Tablets.

Xform Computing’s AlwaysOnPC App has raised the bar for Cloud-powered mobile apps, and is well aligned with Amazon’s Cloud Computing strategy. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet already includes the Silk ‘cloud-assisted’ Web Browser, and it offers cloud storage of movies, music and books purchased on Amazon. Now with the launch of the AlwaysOnPC App, Kindle Fire and other Android tablet users get access to a unique ‘personal cloud desktop’ with powerful, desktop computer-class applications and file storage.

The AlwaysOnPC Virtual Desktop offers the productivity apps and features such as editing office docs, Powerpoint presentations or spreadsheets; Viewing and editing PDFs – including annotations and forms; retouching photos and images; creating and editing graphics and drawings; Browsing/using productivity or game websites that require PC-class browser technology like Java, and more. This Personal Cloud Desktop enables many mobile users to leave their laptop behind and still do real work – right on their Kindle Fire or other Android tablet or phone!

AlwaysOnPC features include:
Chrome and Firefox browsers with Extensions like Evernote Web Clipper, toolbars, themes, add-ons, synchronized bookmarks, tabs, and passwords (optional)
Support for ‘desktop-class’ web browser technology such as Java-applets, needed for sites like Zoho, BNSF emulator, Runescape, QuickBooks Online, PartyPoker, and others that don’t run on most mobile web browsers.
A full mobile Open Office suite for editing Word Excel and Powerpoint documents –with copy/paste between any app, and one-click conversion to PDF
Dropbox integration
2Gb of cloud storage
Full access to the personal cloud desktop from any PC or Mac, where you can upload personal data such as documents, photos or files to your AlwaysOnPC virtual desktop.
All connections are encrypted for maximum security.

Users can even host a Web Conference and share their screen (and show presentations or documents to participants) using the Zoho Meeting feature from their AlwaysOnPC virtual Desktop. These powerful features are available today: in the Amazon Apps store:

AlwaysOnPC Kindle Fire Edition (

AlwaysOnPC for Android tablets in Amazon Apps (
(e.g. for Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive and other Android devices):

About Xform Computing, Inc.:
Xform Computing’s “Personal Cloud Desktop” architecture can deliver the power of cloud computing apps directly to end users on mobile devices. It provides a ‘single target’ for developers to deliver HTML5, Flash, Java, Silverlight, Linux, and other applications to iOS and Android smart devices and tablets. Learn more at

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Posted by at 5 December , 2011

Demonstration Video- Host a Webinar, Web Conference, online meeting, with screen share from your mobile device like iPad, iPhone or Android, using AlwaysOnPC:
Web conference starts at about 1:16

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Posted by at 5 December , 2011

AlwaysOnPC’s Virtual PC App continues to break mobile barriers to unlock powerful features like screen-sharing, web meetings, and editing of Powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, images, graphics, charts and more from Cloud-based services like Zoho, Office 365, and Google Apps on mobile devices.

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) December 05, 2011

Xform Computing, Inc. announces a giant leap forward in mobile productivity by enabling mobile access to Cloud-based productivity and business websites, and web conferencing: The latest release of Xform’s AlwaysOnPC® App has completed testing that demonstrates excellent mobile compatibility with the top online productivity websites, bringing users rich functionality of these services on iOS and Android devices.

A growing number of Cloud-based services have built their offerings on Flash, Java script or applets, Silverlight, and even many HTML5 features which don’t work correctly on the native iPad or Android Browsers. Thus, only a subset of the functionality of these sites is available on mobile devices. Examples include Zoho®, Microsoft’s Office 365®, Quickbooks Online, Google® Apps, and many more. The AlwaysOnPC Mobile App bridges this gap.

AlwaysOnPC gives users access to a complete virtual computer directly from their iPad or Android device, liberating them to use these powerful services. For example, using Chrome inside AlwaysOnPC users can perform tasks in Zoho, Office 365, or Google Docs that are often difficult or impossible on mobile apps and browsers: Create, upload or import documents and presentations from online storage or other web repositories; Use full editing features, including the ability to create, re-touch, insert and re-size images, graphics, tables and charts into documents or Powerpoint slides; Even copy and paste this rich content between apps, just like on a computer.

AlwaysOnPC also enables mobile collaboration: The Zoho Meeting web conferencing/screen-sharing solution relies on Flash and Java-applets and does not work on native mobile browsers. However with AlwaysOnPC, users can initiate and host Zoho Meetings from iPad, iPhone, or Android with participants on any device or computer. They can share their AlwaysOnPC screen to conduct presentations, demonstrations, webinars and more, and even delegate presenter controls to participants.

Similar mobile compatibility challenges face Office 365, Quickbooks Online, and even Google Apps such as Sites or Docs editing (especially Powerpoint presentations) which rely on desktop browser technology. In addition to unlocking the full productivity promise of these cloud-based services on mobile devices, AlwaysOnPC also includes the OpenOffice suite, Gimp image editor, InkScape illustration program and Dropbox access.

Demonstration Video:

AlwaysOnPC is available for purchase and download in iTunes and the Android Market:
Android Phones:
AlwaysOnPC-HD edition for large Android Tablets:

About Xform Computing, Inc.
Xform Computing’s “Client-cloud” architecture can deliver apps with the vast power of cloud computing- including HTML5, Flash, Java, Linux, and more – to any device that can run the lightweight AlwaysOnPC client software like iPad, iPhone, iPod-touch and Android. Xform also offers parnterships for delivering OEM/private label or co-branded, apps/services across platforms in weeks.

AlwaysOnPC Device Requirements:
iPad, iPhone and iPod touch OS 3.2 or later; size: 1.2Mb
Android OS 2.1; size: 500Kb
An active 3/4G or WiFi connection are required to run the app

Pricing and Availability:
AlwaysOnPC is available today in the iTunes Appstore (separate apps for iPad and iPhone/iPod-touch), Android Marketplace, Amazon Apps, Verizon Vcast Apps, and soon Barnes & Noble NookColor Appstore in the Productivity category in both one-time-purchase from 19.99 to 29.99 and subscription plans depending on device and store. Check stores for the latest offers.

Evaluation copies of the apps are available for qualified reviewers and journalists. Please specify the publication or website you represent when making your request.

Learn more at

AlwaysOnPC is a trademark of Xform Computing, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and their mention does not constitute endorsement of, nor ensure 100% compatibility with AlwaysOnPC.

# # #

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Posted by at 7 July , 2011

Santa Bárbara, California/ Sofía, Bulgaria: Xform Computing, Inc. anuncia un nuevo Centro de Datos Europeo, que ofrecerá hasta cinco veces más rendimiento a los usuarios de las aplicaciones para móviles de AlwaysOnPC para iPad, iPhone y Android en Reino Unido y todo el continente.

AlwaysOnPC es una aplicación para teléfonos móviles que ofrece a los usuarios acceso a un PC virtual, personal y completo, desde su dispositivo Android. Sus características incluyen: uso de los navegadores de Chrome o de Firefox con barras de herramientas, temas, complementos, pestañas y marcadores sincronizados, y acceso a la Tienda Virtual de Chrome; un completo paquete Open Office para móviles para modificar documentos en formato Word, Excel y Powerpoint; integración de Dropbox; software para dibujar y editar imágenes completamente funcional; función Copiar/ pegar entre aplicaciones de cualquier tipo; 2 Gb de almacenamiento.

Java es la esencia de muchos sitios web interactivos que incluyen sitios comerciales o de productividad y de juegos, pero a los que aún no se puede acceder desde un iPad, iPhone o Android. AlwaysOnPC permite a sus usuarios ejecutar Chrome con Java ‘en el navegador’ desde un iPad, iPhone y Android de manera que puedan acceder a miles de sitios como Runescape, Evony, juegos de Facebook, PartyPoker, QuickBooks Online, Sliderocket, Google Sites, y mucho más. El sistema aún no admite sonido ni vídeo a plena carga, pero se espera implementar estas funciones pronto.

Los clientes actuales de AlwaysOnPC en Europa que se hayan registrado en el centro de datos de EE. UU. (antes del 5 de abril de 2011) pueden volver a registrar sus cuentas en los nuevos servidores europeos y beneficiarse del fantástico rendimiento mejorado sin coste alguno. Se están realizando pruebas beta de Chrome y Java y, actualmente, su inclusión es voluntaria.

Acerca de Xform Computing, Inc.:

El diseño “Nube Móvil” de Xform Computing puede suministrar la amplia potencia de la computación en nube a dispositivos móviles como iPad, iPhone, iPod-touch y Android.<0} Más información en

Las aplicaciones para iPhones y aplicaciones para iPad de AlwaysOnPC están disponibles en iTunes Appstore, y en Android Market por 24,99 € (consulte en las tiendas para conocer las promociones más recientes).

Hay disponibles copias de evaluación de las aplicaciones para periodistas y revisores cualificados.Cuando realice su solicitud, especifique a qué sitio web o publicación representa.

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Posted by at 7 July , 2011

Santa Barbara, CA/Sofia, Bulgarie – Xform Computing, Inc. présente un nouveau centre de données européen, offrant des performances jusqu’à cinq fois plus élevées aux utilisateurs de son application mobile AlwaysOnPC pour iPad, iPhone et Android, à travers le Royaume-Uni et sur le Union Européen.

AlwaysOnPC est une application mobile permettant aux utilisateurs d’accéder à un PC virtuel complet et personnel à partir de leur appareil Android. Les fonctionnalités comprennent notamment : l’utilisation des navigateurs Chrome ou Firefox avec des barres d’outils, des thèmes, des modules complémentaires, des marque-pages et onglets synchronisés ; l’accès au Chrome Web Store ; une mobile Open Office suite complète pour modifier des documents Word, Excel et Powerpoint ; une intégration Dropbox ; un logiciel complet de dessin et de modification d’images ; la fonction copier/coller entre toutes les applications ; 2 Go de stockage.

Java est au cœur de nombreux sites Web interactifs, notamment des sites de jeux, d’entreprise et de productivité, mais ne fonctionne pas encore sur les appareils iPad, iPhone et Android. AlwaysOnPC permet aux utilisateurs de faire fonctionner Chrome with ‘in-browser’ Java from sur les appareils iPad, iPhone et Android afin d’accéder à des centaines de sites tels que Runescape, Evony, les jeux Facebook, PartyPoker, QuickBooks Online, Sliderocket, Google Sites et bien davantage. Le système ne prend pas encore en charge le son et les vidéos haut débit, mais ces fonctionnalités devraient sortir prochainement.

Les clients AlwaysOnPC en Europe qui sont inscrits dans le centre de données américain (avant le 5 avril 2011) peuvent réenregistrer leurs comptes vers les serveurs européens et profiter des performances fortement améliorées, sans aucun frais. Les versions bêta de Chrome et Java sont en cours d’évaluation et sont actuellement offertes lors de l’inscription.

À propos de Xform Computing, Inc. :

L’architecture « Mobile-Cloud » de Xform Computing permet aux appareils mobiles (notamment iPad, iPhone, iPod-touch et Android) de disposer de la puissance colossale du cloud computing. Pour en savoir davantage, consultez

AlwaysOnPC iPhone app et iPad app sont disponibles dès aujourd’hui dans l’iTunes Appstore et auprès des magasins Android Market pour 24,99 € (voir auprès des magasins pour connaître les dernières promotions).

Les versions d’évaluation des applications sont disponibles pour les réviseurs et journalistes spécialisés. Veuillez indiquer la publication ou le site Web que vous représentez au moment de votre requête.

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