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Posted by at 22 June , 2011

We were lucky enough to find one of the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in stock at BestBuy, and picked it up so we could make this video. First reaction: Wow! This is definitely a contender for the iPad2. Its lighter and thinner, and I like the aspect ratio. In this video we demo AlwaysOnPC running on this Samsung Galaxy 10.1, showing: Chrome browser, Chrome store, Evony, Runescape, Open Office (also accessing our Dropbox folder) to edit Excel and Powerpoint. We’ve got some optimization to do, but AlwaysOnPC works pretty well as is!

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Posted by at 15 April , 2011

One of the key features of the iPad2 is the HDMI -out capability that displays the entire screen onto any HDMI – capable monitor for any app its running. We tested AlwaysOnPC with this setup today and it works FANTASTIC! All you need to do is buy the HDMI adapter /dongle that connects the iPad to your monitor, we also added a bluetooth keyboard, and Voila! a full computer using AlwaysOnPC! The iPad acts as the touchpad (and also displays the screen. Hmm, it’d be a neat trick to have dual screen, wonder if that’s possible…). Enjoy…

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Posted by at 3 November , 2010

The AlwaysOnPC team visited the Sprint Developer’s Conference October 25-27 and got a chance to try out AlwaysOnPC on some new devices – like the Samsung Epic – on 4G. Wow, the 4G network was not only lightyears faster than 3G, the latency is unbelievably low – and overall it way, way outperformed the local WiFi network (admittedly overloaded by all the nerdy attendees — like us ;-0)
Anyway, I tried to capture what I could on the new video camera –

Coincidentally I was using a Samsung handheld recording to Flash. So now you can get all the benefits of AlwaysOnPC like Open Office, Firefox with Flash, tabbed browsing toolbars, addons etc. as well as Dropbox and a host of other apps on your Samsung Epic.

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Posted by at 16 July , 2010

Yep, we’ve been busy. In addition to our upcoming iPad release, we are also releasing AlwaysOnPC for Android phones. This video provides a sneak peek of our new Android app running on a Motorola Droid. It shows a quick overview of the main differences from the iPhone versions of AlwaysOnPC client, as well as a few of the features like Open Office for editing Word, Excel, and Powerpoint docs, FireFox with Flash, Dropbox, running on our Android app.

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