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Posted by at 15 January , 2013

Well, it’s still January we’ve launched our first App of 2013! We want to learn as much as possible on our way to market, and as part of that we’ve been experimenting with prices. Here’s what we’ve done so far, and some interesting results.

We knew since we have in-app purchase built-in to the product, which provides another way to monetize, that we wanted to eventually test a free version. However, we know from experience that the Android Market/Google Play does not allow starting with a free product, then later changing to a paid product (really!).  Although we’ve since found this is not true in the iTunes App Store, we still wanted to launch with a price for the app to keep our options open.

We submitted the Friday before the iTunesConnect closure and were approved in under a week !!! This shocked us.

However, we found a few issues, so we submitted an update, and waited until after the iTunes re-opened again December 28. We had tried to schedule the “Availability date” ahead of time (this is supposed to help get you featured in places like New & Noteworty). However there were several other factors in play, and since  it was again a quick review — within a few days – it was faster than expected, we pulled the date in and launched upon approval. We immediately started getting sales, but nothing earth-shattering.

After a week, we decided to test free. Wow, were we surprised. In one day we received over 10,000 downloads!

Turns out, half were from Asia. Since we don’t have servers in Asia we know the latency will make for a poor experience.  I figured that traffic was simply loading our servers and reducing the experience for customers who may otherwise have performed fine. So, we ended up excluding it. Still, 5,000 sales in our target regions (North America and Europe) was extremely positive. And that was days before the Press Releases (which went out today).

VirtualChrome also has a premium in-app purchase, so we actually have 2 prices to experiment with. So, we’ve run a few tests on various prices there.

And we’ll continue to run more test…

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