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Posted by at 27 August , 2015

New API Extensions will help protect users from malware and spam.

Do you like your Firefox with a little bit of Chrome sprinkled in? Well get ready because some changes are happening which will make Firefox feel a lot more like Chrome and that’s a good thing…for developers.

With web technologies changes at a blistering pace, many developers have to adapt to the ever changing browser ecosystem. Developers therefore are going to find it much easier to write and port add-ons between browsers. The downside is that many of Firefox’s existing add-ons will need some serious modification to ensure they continue to function when Firefox 43 is released. However this will probably be seen as a small price to pay by developers as they find that they can release new extensions and support their offering across most platforms with only a few changes to the underlying code.

You can read more about the upcoming changes in this article via

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