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Posted by at 5 May , 2016

You should be happy that Apple didn’t make a real television product.

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Television has captured our imaginations since the first television sets came out in the 1950′s. Since then America has been captivated by the allure of the humming blue hue of the living room television. Flash forward to the present and now you can watch TV on your phone, tablet and pretty much any portable device you can imagine.

“Apple today began promoting a new feature on the fourth-generation Apple TV called “Live Tune-In,” which lets users jump directly into the live streams of select apps usingSiri. The company is specifically promoting CBS, ESPN, and Disney XD as apps that support Live Tune-In, but it hasn’t disclosed yet how soon other apps that have live channel functionality will gain the new feature as well.” via Macrumors

So did Apple create the ultimate television with it’s newest Apple TV? It sure seems like it did. It’s apparent that no one has caught on that this is the platform Apple is betting on to dominate the next generation of TV.

According to that report, “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed that Apple did have a small team working on an Apple TV set a few years ago, but the team was disbanded more than a year ago. via

Television is a hard business to break into and the fact that Apple had a team working on developing features that could distinguish them from them competition says how close they were to a “traditional” television experience. Do they have a potential gold mine with a streaming box like the 4th generation Apple TV?

It may be too soon to tell.

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