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Posted by at 25 February , 2014

Steve Jobs might be turning in his grave when he hears about this one…

Below is a new video highlighting how you can use AlwaysOnPC app to view and edit Apple iWork docs (Keynote, Pages, Numbers) on Kindle Fire HD HDX.

(We decided to make a separate post for Kindle Fire HD HDX users about this, since Amazon is working hard to create their own apps store and experience outside of the Android/Google Play arena:)

Yep, that’s right, since AlwaysOnPC includes Chrome and Firefox browsers, you can browse to Apple’s online service, which now includes the iWork Suite (still labeled “in beta’), which includes the full suite of Apple apps, so you can do things like this:

screenshot of iWork view and edit Keynote, pages, numbers on Android Tablet
Here’s a shot of how you can use iWork to create or edit Keynote, pages, numbers on any Android Tablet

Create or Edit Apple iWork docs like Keynote on Kindle Fire HD HDX tablets

- View Numbers files on Kindle Fire HD / HDX

- View or edit Apple iWork Pages docs on Kindle Fire HD / HDX

Here’s an example video:

You can also access Apple’s Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Contacts and the “Find my iPhone” from your Kindle Fire HD or HDX devices!

Get it now – download links are at right:

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