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Posted by at 9 December , 2011

SlideRocket is a powerful online presentation tool that lets you not only view and show presentations that you’ve made, but with its online interface you create content as well. SlideRocket is also a great collaboration tool in that different people can work on the content collectively from different locations. You can also import existing presentations from any computer into your SlideRocket account and use them as a resource library. And with SlideRocket not only are whole slide available, but much of the presentation elements such as images and graphics become available. In other words you can take the best of your existing content and use it a la carte to create new presentations.

Its one downside is that it requires Flash, which as you know isn’t support by iOS and so you’re not able to use their service from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. SlideRocket does make an app for iOS but it only allows you to view and show presentations from your iPad, but does not allow you to create or edit content.

However, with AlwaysOnPC you are able to browse directly to SlideRocket from your AlwaysOnPC virtual desktop using Chrome or Firefox, log into your SlideRocket account and create, edit and import content while on the go. This can be extremely helpful for last minute edits, working while away from your office or simply because you already own an iPad and so why should you also need a laptop in order to get things done.

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