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Posted by at 23 December , 2010

LogMeIn is a great product for accessing your home/work computer when you’re away – from a borrowed PC, or tablet or mobile phone. But LogMeIn charges $25 for their mobile app. Luckily, AlwaysOnPC users can simply browse to the LogMeIn site using Firefox, login, and access their PC using LogMeIn’s browser-based remote access feature – no extra charge!

I tested this for a bit and found the following:

  • Overall performance of a LogMeIn remote-access session will not be that great using AlwaysOnPC because you are going through two layers of remote-access. Even in a side-by-side comparison, though, AlwaysOnPC performance is really 5 times better than any “native” LogMeIn sessions – this is not due to any technology advantage – its mostly due to the fact that most upstream Internet connections where the PC you are accessing is are slow; AlwaysOnPC is hosted at a data center which of course has massive bandwidth, right on the backbone, so our latency and performance ROCK.
  • I found the best way to combine the two products is use LogMeIn to download files on your PC, then open and edit and manipulate them on your AlwaysOnPC.
  • In the long run, you should just get dropbox installed and sync those files to the cloud, and use AlwaysOnPC to access them from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The sync’ing feature which automatically saves changes back to the cloud make that the easiest to use by far.

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