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Posted by at 16 July , 2010

Yep, we’ve been busy. In addition to our upcoming iPad release, we are also releasing AlwaysOnPC for Android phones. This video provides a sneak peek of our new Android app running on a Motorola Droid. It shows a quick overview of the main differences from the iPhone versions of AlwaysOnPC client, as well as a few of the features like Open Office for editing Word, Excel, and Powerpoint docs, FireFox with Flash, Dropbox, running on our Android app.

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3 Responses to “Preview of Our New Android App: Edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, View Flash Websites & More”

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  1. Dino says:

    When is it exacly alwaysonpc will be updated for the sound for the video, music or flash player website.. I really hope this will be done soon because i need the firefox for watching my fave tv and playing my fave music! And playing games

  2. admin says:

    We hope to make an announcement within the next month with a release date and feature list for our next major update. You will definitely hear about it here…

  3. ev says:

    Great application. I just made progress in my mobility and cutting off dependence on hardware. I am working off iPads, PC’s, MAC’s, but no phones yet. I am considering it for the main hub of all of the files I work on and create. While getting on the internet thru the app is possible, I am still working directly for fear of loosing some efficiencey in the process. This app solved my dilemma of all the old computer gear which has been piling up in my office and I seem to never be able to get rid of. I highly recommend it. it is the future and is better than two other comparable products I tried.

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