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Posted by at 29 July , 2010

New release – leaving iOS 3.1 behind…

This week has been a busy one – we have released a new update for our iPhone app, based on the same code we use in our iPad app. With this new release, we are seeing a few crashes with some really old versions of the iPhone OS – like version 3.1 or earlier. So, if you update to our current version, please be sure you update your iPhone OS to the current version first.

Tips for New Customers: Login is Case SensiTive

  • Login is case-sensitive (a few folks got confused because they capitalized a letter in their email address in the registration form, and was not in the login form – they must be the exactly the same)
  • The control bar is in ‘semi-transparent’ mode by default – harder to see until you know it’s there. The button to open the keyboard is in the top left.
  • Touchscreen mode is OFF by default. This means you can move the cursor with taps and swipes like you would with a regular mouse (this is typical of most VNC- or RDP type applications like LogMeIn). Tap the Settings icon (middle icon on the control bar – looks like a gear) to try in Touchscreen mode
  • To exit Settings, tap the settings icon again

More updates as they come along…

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  1. andrew says:

    guys – the PC piece works great. And the ideas are wonderful. But how to connect the ipad and iphone to the cloud file store? registration and connection are not working …

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