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Posted by at 24 August , 2015

The Death of the Phone Call and the Re-Rebirth of Instant Messaging…again.

If you’re in you Mid 30′s to late 40′s you might remember AOL Instant Messenger, that ubiquitous chat app that came installed on your home PC running Windows 95 that allowed you to suddenly and without any concern for privacy connect with random people online. It was, for most of us, our first taste of what has become a mainstay of mobile devices, the ability to connect with anyone at anytime from anywhere.

Fast-forward to today and Messaging apps are everywhere. You don’t see any app that has a social component built in neglect the one element that users are craving and that is the ability to chat with other mobile users. The race to reach the most users is the goal of these messaging apps which is not surprise that big blue (not Twitter, sorry) the other big blue, Facebook is in a hardened battle with China’s WeChat for replacing email, phone and texting in Asia.

“According to a report, it is estimated that WeChat has more than 1 billion users around the world.”

This number is no surprise with many apps including LINE from Japan and WhatsApp, the mobile messaging market is getting very saturated and ultimately these companies are fighting for every user they can convert into paying customers in the ecosystems they are building. With the ability to send money to each other or even send gifts to friends and family, opening eCommerce abilities in markets like this has the potential to explode. Adweek has some numbers on the type of user base that is growing in places like SouthEast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. The chart below shows how many are using the platform to circumvent traditional forms of communication.

In the end no one really knows what type of platform will win out. Will users value security over convenience? This is the multi-billion dollar question everyone is trying to figure out.

And so the battle rages on.

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