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Posted by at 6 May , 2014

Sometimes it happens and we forget how to reset our password on our accounts. You may have thought you wrote it down somewhere or have it saved on the app.

Well now you can easily reset your AlwaysOnPC password directly within the app. Just follow these few shorts steps and you’ll be on your way enjoying your Virtual PC again.

Download links to the right.

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Posted by at 4 April , 2014

AlwaysOnPC turns your Kindle Fire HD into a complete virtual computer in the cloud pre-loaded with over 40 apps that you can access anytime from anywhere.

You can now edit and work on your existing documents created in Microsoft Office like Excel, Word and Powerpoint all from your existing AlwaysOnPC account with Dropbox Simply link your existing Dropbox account with your AlwaysOnPC account and begin to edit your Microsoft Office docs right on your Kindle Fire HD or HDX with Open Office anytime from anywhere.

Check out our demo video:

Download links to the right.

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Posted by at 8 March , 2012

AlwaysOnPC is a powerful app available for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

With AlwaysOnPC, you get your own “virtual desktop in the cloud” that you can access directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. With AlwaysOnPC you can enjoy the full browsing experience with Chrome Browser and even visit Flash based websites. Play all your favorite online games without the need of additional apps. Even play games directly from Facebook. You can also access your Dropbox folder, and open, edit, save and send Office Suite documents such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint all directly from your iPad, iPhone — all from within AlwaysOnPC App. Now you can truly have a computer on the go all in one powerful app.

This Podcast givers you tips, tricks and how-to instruction on how to get the most from AlwaysOnPC on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch device.

Here are just a few of the things you get with AlwaysOnPC:

  • o   Full Office Suite: Open, edit, cut/paste & save Word, Excel, & Powerpoint
  • o   Google Chrome Browser OR Firefox – with Flash, Add-ons, toolbars, sync’ing
  • o   Access Dropbox, Google Docs, and other Online storage
  • o   2GB online storage. Easily load files from your computer…

You can find the apps in the appstore:

for iPad:…

For iPhone:…


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Posted by at 22 June , 2011

We were lucky enough to find one of the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in stock at BestBuy, and picked it up so we could make this video. First reaction: Wow! This is definitely a contender for the iPad2. Its lighter and thinner, and I like the aspect ratio. In this video we demo AlwaysOnPC running on this Samsung Galaxy 10.1, showing: Chrome browser, Chrome store, Evony, Runescape, Open Office (also accessing our Dropbox folder) to edit Excel and Powerpoint. We’ve got some optimization to do, but AlwaysOnPC works pretty well as is!

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