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Posted by at 11 May , 2016

Adobe Flash is still popular on the web. HTML5 will have to wait its turn.

web browsers still use flash

The web has an adoption problem.

The web has become the entertainment hub of digital content commerce. As consumer trends move towards streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix and many others – the need to allow video content to play on multiple devices has ushered in a race to produce more HTML 5 content. But why HTML 5?

“…HTML5 is everything that Flash set out to be and more, because it is an open-source technology built into browsers that has been tried and tested for many years…” via

This argument may hold true but here are 5 reason we still love Flash on the web…

  1. Technology takes time to roll out
  2. There’s no incentive to updgrade
  3. Countless websites depend on it
  4. It’s easy to develop and implement for
  5. Lazy Developers
Over time though, there’s no question that technology will eventually catch up and as new websites stop using Flash, as older websites slowly fade away, better alternatives to Flash will end up taking the throne. via
Technology is always changing but the web still loves it’s Adobe Flash. Needless to say we do too.

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Xform delivers the power of cloud-hosted desktops and applications to iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets. Xform has Cloud clusters deployed in the US and Europe. With over 1.5 million virtual desktops created and streamed to customer’s PC’s and mobile devices, Xform’s apps include VirtualBrowser for Firefox, VirtualBrowser for Chrome, Private Anonymous Browser and AlwaysOnPC. The apps are sold in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, and other marketplaces.

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